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Microsoft introduced Windows 11 late last year and as users adjust to the nuances of their newly minted operating system, the team out in Seattle made a quick guide outlining some of the new features that will hopefully make your life easier. Today we’ll be covering some of the new and updated functionalities of the Windows Key — keep scrolling to learn about some of the new Windows 11 shortcuts!

For years, apps like Spectacle have helped users organize their windows on screen. Microsoft’s introduction of the Windows icon introduced a bit of this functionality with what they called multitasking — a feature which allowed users to split their screens between two apps, a boon to many seeking to synthesize information, develop software and much more.

Tip 1: Access New Snap Layouts

Windows 11: Quick tip - layout shortcut
Figure 1 – Windows key + Z

With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced five new snap layouts, allowing users to quickly change their views and optimize their workflows. Hovering over a window’s maximize button or pressing the windows logo key + Z will cause a pop up of these six snap layouts, allowing users to choose whichever makes the most sense for their current tasks.

Tip 2: Side-by-Side

Windows 11: Quick tip - side-by-side shortcut
Figure 2 – Windows key + Arrow

Windows 11 also retains the same snap functionality of prior editions of the operating system, allowing users to snap windows side by side by simply pressing the Windows logo key and the right or left arrow depending on where they would like their current window to land. This feature takes away the need to manually resize or position windows, once more saving time and increasing your productivity.

Tip 3: Search

Quick tip: Search function shortcut
Figure 3 – Windows key + S

Manually searching for an item in your documents or drive can be a time consuming hassle, so the introduction of search functionalities to document management systems like Windows File Explorer are often seen as time saving godsends. With Windows 11, it seems that Microsoft has taken a page out of Apple’s playbook to provide users with even easier access to this function from anywhere on their system.

The goal is to help users find what they want faster, with a more robust and centralized search. Now, simply pressing the Windows logo key + S will allow you to search your system and documents for anything from people, emails, and files in local and shared sites, or from the web.

Tip 4: File Explorer

Quick tip: file explorer shortcut
Figure 4 – Windows key + E

Would you rather see your files and navigate file explorer yourself? Simply press the Windows logo key + E to open a window and quickly move through your files and folders, including those on OneDrive.

Tip 5: Access Clipboard History

Window 11: Quick tip - Accessing clipboard
Figure 5 – Windows key + V

How often do you cut or copy images and text that you need access to later on in your work or projects? Microsoft’s introduction of the clipboard – a space aggregating cut and copied pieces –  changed the game by allowing users to keep a running tally of the items they had cut or copied. Now they’ve shifted the paradigm again by integrating another windows key functionality that allows users to view recently copied or cut items by simply pressing the Windows logo key + V, so you can paste them in other apps or sync them across your devices.

Tip 6: Switch Between Windows

Quick tip: switching between windows
Figure 6 – Windows key + Tab

Finally, the classic functionality of switching between open Windows still exists! Simply press the Windows logo key + Tab to get a view of all of your open windows and use the tab key to shift seamlessly across them.

Windows 11 and Your Organization

Thanks so much for reading! We hope this quick guide helps you utilize Windows 11 to your needs, and you were able to discover a few new Windows 11 shortcuts. Hungry for more info? Take a look at this page (where we pulled most of this content from) to learn more. If your organization is in need of Microsoft expertise, reach out at info@totalsol.com or contact us here!