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In a world where people increasingly depend on technology to support any major change, electronic content management (ECM) initiatives usually go hand in hand with supporting technologies that help companies deliver desired business outcomes; such as connections to brands, innovations in customer service, better products and improved business models. ECM Solutions, which have evolved as a means of helping companies achieve these goals, do add value, but they are often monolithic and expensive systems that take a high level of expertise and training to implement and use. As a result, these systems can take so long to implement that they become counterproductive, and create upfront disruption that can adversely affect the business. It also makes these systems slow to make an impact, creating challenges for companies that need quick results to retain customers and drive profits in a highly competitive market.

Using SharePoint as an ECM Solution

Many organizations rely on SharePoint as their ECM solution, but have stalled on implementation for many reasons: Poor user adoption, lack of training, applications do not meet the needs of the user, performance, etc. As a result, there is more pressure on companies to lower costs, and provide better services and faster development and delivery cycles. No longer can they afford to wait a year or two before seeing a return on their investment. Organizations need agile systems that are faster to market, while still adding the value that ECM suites have to offer.

Total Solutions can provide affordable ECM needs around SharePoint, delivered through a test, learn and pivot approach of agile implementation. Using this methodology, Total Solutions can execute an ECM solution through several iterations of implementation that allows companies to deliver solutions more quickly for immediate feedback from customers, employees and partners. The end result is that your business will have requirements, design, development and deployment condensed into a single ECM platform. With this agile focus, if changes need to be made, developers can pivot and make adjustments within hours or days, compared to a hand-coded solution that could take months to redesign.

As a comprehensive platform for building business process applications and enterprise content management solutions, Total Solutions supports your full range of ECM needs, whether they be top-down, business transformation initiatives or a need for smart process applications that incorporate information from disparate systems, including line-of-business, enterprise resource planning and social.

Transaction Content Management (TCM)

According to Gartner, TCM is a system of record for managing process-related documents, which includes high volumes of static documents, typically images or PDFs. Many times SharePoint can present issues when trying to organize and run transaction based imaging solutions mixed with your Collaborative processes. Growing SharePoint databases, poor user adoption and SharePoint performance are a few of the issues we see regularly from our customers.

It is a well-known fact that most collaborative taxonomies and databases are not tuned for transaction based imaging needs. For this reason, Total Solutions has introduced TSI IntelliVue and TSI IntelliCloud to decrease the maintenance and performance burden placed on your SharePoint environment by transaction based applications. Using the TSI Content Connector, organizations can have a highly tuned transaction based repository sitting alongside their SharePoint collaborative repository and access content from both through a single user interface if required.

Other solutions have tried to overcome the SharePoint transaction based issues, but at a very hefty price. If you are looking for an affordable, rapidly deployable transaction based solution to work within your SharePoint environment, you need to see TSI IntelliVue and TSI IntelliCloud in action.

Best Practices for ECM Requirements Gathering

ECM needs can require transaction based document imaging, business process workflow, information governance or records management needs. Total Solutions can help steer organization on how best to utilize SharePoint, or integrate third party solutions. ECM needs can also include a way to rapidly build custom apps that can be IT led or driven by business owners to solve specific process-based challenges.

Regardless of the initiative, SharePoint ECM drives transformation, growth and revenue through rapid-assembly applications that automate business operations with minimal disruption, while providing the business with immediate value. Total Solutions can provide the unique capabilities that can help ensure both your project’s success and the success of your organization as a whole.

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