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Amid day-to-day operations, providing for consumers, and meeting quotas, we often forget to take care of the employees who make a company a community. Most of us set time aside for self-care in our personal time, and now it’s time to talk about employee care. According to Gallup’s Employee Engagement Survey, organizations with top employee engagement scores have 14% more production, 66% better well-being, and 23% higher profitability than the competition. Giving your teams the tools they need to connect provides an experience that is pleasing for those within your company and those who benefit from your services. If you’re interested in fostering that level of employee engagement, we suggest you start with the question – what are the benefits of Microsoft Viva?

The Viva platform integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Teams to engage employees as part of their daily work experience. TSI not only helps your company adopt this product but also draws out the values that make your company successful. The Viva experience encompasses the culture you built. The Enterprise 365 plans include four modules that boost connection, insight, growth, and purpose with no added licensing costs. Partner with Total Solutions to integrate the Microsoft Viva Jumpstart integration to promote your company’s productivity and culture.

Phases of Microsoft Viva Jumpstart
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Viva Connections

The benefits of Microsoft Viva Connections help facilitate a productive workspace and customizes features to meet the unique needs of your team to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Give your team the tools they need to be at their best with a personalized hub for your intranet. Stay connected and informed with the latest updates while never leaving Microsoft Teams. Share content with your colleagues and stay engaged with different communities within Viva Connections to build relationships while never losing sight of assigned tasks. Centralize all your needs within Teams to keep your company united even when they’re not together in person.

What is Microsoft Viva Engage?

While Viva Connections is the centralized space for Microsoft Viva, Viva Engage is a home for networking. Viva Engage is a platform for managing and engaging in conversations with your colleagues. Through discussions and communities, engage in conversations, host virtual events, and receive insights on the features you use most! Viva Engage takes the capabilities of Microsoft apps Yammer and Microsoft Teams one step further, ensuring it’s easier than ever to share, ask questions and unlock new discoveries.  

Viva Insights

While enjoying the community engagement in Viva apps, wouldn’t it be nice to see how your company engages with content? Viva Insights provides an easy way to keep track of your organization’s information and insights, whether personal or team related. It gives you observations about unhealthy habits or organizational feedback. This feature helps you enforce healthy practices like focus time to avoid interruptions. Also, receive more access to relevant information while commuting. Schedule breaks to avoid burnout in between meetings to avoid burnout, ensuring the well-being of the employees within your company. In addition, create a contagious environment of appreciation by sending kudos to your co-worker!  

What is Microsoft Viva Learning?

Competent employees should continue to refine their skills or stay relevant to the latest industry updates. Viva Learning is your go-to learning solution that extends beyond the classroom and into your business. Maintain a culture of continuous learning with Viva. M365’s learning and development solution seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and programs. Expand and advance knowledge without interrupting workflow with 125 courses from LinkedIn Learning. Since a company is comprised of people, investing in professional development directly impacts the company’s productivity and employees’ individuality.

Learn how your Organization can Jumpstart Viva Today

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of Microsoft Viva and how it can be used to leverage your company culture, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to take your company culture to the next level? Get your team thinking about why company culture matters and leverage it using the Microsoft Viva Jumpstart with Total Solutions. Speak to a Total Solutions sales representative today to get started.

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