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In my experience, a frequent question that comes up while cleaning up SharePoint Online sites is “How was this site created?”.  Or, when we find an inactive site, the question might be “Wait, is this SharePoint Online Site connected to Teams?” With the new insights in the SharePoint Admin center, admins can now confidently answer these questions! Below are a couple of quick tips on how how to view insights on SharePoint Online active sites.

A couple of new insights have arrived on the Active sites page in the SharePoint Admin Center. To see any of these columns, select an Active Sites view, scroll to the right, and select CUSTOMIZE COLUMNS.  This will allow you to add the new insights to any of your Active Sites views. 

SharePoint Online Insights - Customize Columns

Insight #1: “Sites Connected to Teams”

The “Sites Connected to Teams” view will only show SharePoint Sites connected to a Team within Microsoft Teams.  This view helps an admin filter the sites list to only see Teams-connected SharePoint sites. Additionally, there is now a “Teams” column, making it easy to use the all sites view to find which sites are Teams-connected. 

Insight #2: “Created From”

The “Created From” SharePoint Online insight will show you which app a site creator used to create a site.  This data point will tell an admin if a SharePoint Site was created by:

  • A new Microsoft 365 group
  • Microsoft Teams
  • The SharePoint admin center
  • The SharePoint start page
  • PowerShell
  • A new Yammer community (if a Yammer tenant is running in Microsoft 365 mode)

Unfortunately, only sites created after October 2020 will have “Created From” information available.

Left – “Created From” column
Right – Filter option for “Created From” column

These new SharePoint Online insights make it much easier for SharePoint Admins to answer the question “Where did this SharePoint site come from?” Let our team know if you need help making sense of the SharePoint Admin Center, or any other part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Schedule an appointment today to chat with a Total Solutions consultant!