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Date and Time:  Tuesday August 18th, 2015 at 2pm EST
Duration:  1 Hour



Business forms and processes often get a bad name, but they don’t have to.

What if you could quickly and easily build effective forms that span departments and evolve with your organization’s needs? And, what if you could provide a solution that doesn’t require any special skills to create, edit or deploy forms?

You can, and it’s easier than you might think.

Forms technologies have evolved immensely since InfoPath was the market leader, and this is a great thing for businesses of all sizes. If your organization is looking to transition off of InfoPath (and you should, since Microsoft doesn’t support it anymore), there are options that will let you recognize significant benefits in terms of improved usability, functionality (especially across mobile), and time and cost savings.
In fact, with K2’s SmartForms, you can connect people, processes and content, enabling better business decisions, now and in the future. With cross-platform data integration within SharePoint, disparate systems can be seamlessly connected, improving worker productivity, streamlining complicated workflows and making data more valuable.

Please join us  for this webinar co-presented with our partner, K2, and learn how to:


  • Visually design web-based forms that connect to your line-of-business systems, in the cloud or on-premises – no coding required
  • Deliver forms that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, run as standalone applications, or both
  • Easily integrate mobile-friendly forms with workflows and reports that can be accessed from any browser, regardless of device or platform

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what to do next to start your InfoPath transition.

K2/Total Solutions Webinar: What’s next after InfoPath? Solve your SharePoint forms needs for good

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