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1. Why Reporting?

Leveraging data is an important part of managing and growing a business. To leverage this data, businesses turn to reporting. The reporting within Power BI is a powerful tool for monitoring metrics and determining where to focus resources. This reporting tool allows you to answer important questions that determine what actions to take.

Data Estate
Figure 1 – Data Estate in Power BI

2. Why Power BI?

There are many visualization tools available in the marketplace to choose from. Many tools like HubSpot and Jira even offer native reporting that fulfill the business’ needs. Though, sometimes these out of the box reporting features don’t offer the necessary insights. Power BI, one of the platforms available in the Power Platform, and other standalone visualization toolƒs offer extra customization options necessary for answering important business questions. While businesses have many reporting tools to choose from, there are many qualities that set Platform apart from them.

Power BI Quote from Dr. Andrew Renda
Figure 2 – Access to Power BI

3. How Accessible is the Tool?

Perhaps one of the most important qualities is the accessibility of Power BI. It is accessible in terms of connecting to data, user friendliness, and developer friendliness. Power Platform’s Business Intelligence app offers hundreds of data sources to connect to out of the box. Developers can even connect to sources that have APIs, expanding the list even further. For those reading the final reports, the business intelligence platform available with Microsoft is intuitive to use and offers a plethora of interactive options. To create these reports, Explore an arsenal of visuals and settings that both new and experienced developers will find useful.

4. Is there an Active Community?

A large community backs Power BI to match its expansive capabilities. Microsoft consistently improves and maintains with monthly updates, keeping things fresh. Whether you need technical help or inspiration for a report, there are countless videos, forums, blogs, and other user content to lean on.

PowerAI in PowerBI
Figure 3 – Reporting

Try it Today!

Still not sure about harnessing the power of business intelligence? Power BI doesn’t cost anything until you want to share your reports with others. That means you can create as many reports as you want for free to see if it’s the right tool for you!