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Teams Consulting

Collaboration for the 21st Century

When Microsoft launched Teams in 2017 it was very obvious that the platform would be a core component of the modern cloud.  With over 75 million daily users of Teams (April 2020) it has now become a staple in businesses for digital collaboration, communication and productivity. Total Solutions has been using Teams since product inception, and our consultants have developed a strong sense of best practices and how to use this innovate tool.


Is your organization maximizing Teams productivity?

With proper training, Teams should be a game changer for your organization.  Having the abiltiy to collaborate on documents, manage your schedule, make calls, and communicate with IM and persistent chat – its a mouth full, but learning to use all this functionality in unison is very powerful.  The Total Solutions Teams Consultants are experts in training, developing channels, integrations and more.    

Microsoft Teams Chat Functionality

Screenshot:  Teams combines messaging, document storage, communications and more into a single interface!  While challenging to master at first, the benefits of this approach are very compelling over the long run. 

What can Microsoft Teams do for you?

An organization that is successfully using Teams will see numerous benefits.  Digital collaboration should increase, and in conjunction reliance on email should decrease.  This is an important simple point that has tremendous impact – Teams forces you to shift your communication style from a passive “back and forth” style that we would typically use with email, and transforms your communication into real-time and relevant messaging.  Almost every large enterprise we work with loves the reliance on email – and we see this trend with every company we work with using Teams. 

Working with Total Solutions

Total Solutions provides enterprise Teams consulting and training services for Microsoft Teams.  We differentiate ourselves with our STORIES development process that involves a personal approach combined with Agile Implementation.  Our big key to success is we focus on empathy and making sure we are understanding your people. We pride ourselves on being expert Microsoft Consultants and provide an IRON CLAD GUARANTEE on all services we perform.  

Book a Teams Consulting Session

If you do need support from experts, partners like Total Solutions can help ensure that Microsoft Teams is serving your organization in the most robust way possible. Learn more by talking to our experts to see how your organization can benefit by integrating Microsoft Teams into your current communication strategy .

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