Transaction Content Management for SharePoint

TSI IntellivueTM and TSI IntelliCloudTM 

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to performance, some solutions are architected to be more efficient at Electronic Document Management, and others are architected to be more efficient at Transaction Based Content Management.  Many software vendors will tell you that they are designed to handle both well, and that may be true, but the investment in hardware to meet your performance requirements may outweigh the return on investment.

Transaction Content Management (TCM) typically involves processing a large number of documents (in any format, but especially TIFF Images) very quickly, such as claims, invoices, loans, etc.  This type of processing is not conducive to very hierarchical database architectures which are prevalent in most Enterprise Content Management Solutions (Including SharePoint).

Based on the demand from our customers, Total Solutions now has a very cost effective solution for adding efficient Transaction Content Management to your SharePoint ECM environment.  Although TSI Intellivue™ and TSI IntelliCloud™ are both powerful ECM solutions on their own, both can run within your Microsoft environment to handle your transactional content processing needs, either with SharePoint on-premise or Office365.  SharePoint can then be available for what it does best, Enterprise Content Management.  With the Total Solutions Content Connector, users will not know if they are accessing content from SharePoint or the Intellivue™ repository.  All they know is that they are getting their work done fast and efficiently.

TSI Intellivue™

Intellivue™, offers the industry’s first and only all-inclusive turnkey Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that is affordable, easy to install, and deploy. Unlike the competition, Intellivue™ delivers a quicker ‘time-to-value’ in days versus the historical weeks, months, or years to roll-out. Intellivue’s™ advanced privacy technologies; viewing flexibility and access controls, which are critical to compliance and ‘ease-of -use’, are unprecedented in all market segments. From upfront capture and active workflow through long-term retention – Intellivue™ delivers a new benchmark in economic and operational impact.  Intellivue can be implemented with SharePoint on-premise or Office365 for a hybrid implementation.

TSI IntelliCloud™

IntelliCloud™ is Total Solutions SaaS on-demand ECM solution providing the same features and functionality of an on-premise ECM solution with 24/7 online access without the additional investment in software, hardware or IT resources, no Capital Costs.  IntelliCloud™ supports unlimited users and can be expanded to support enhanced workflow, line-of-business integration and capture solutions.  IntelliCloud™ can be deployed with absolutely no involvement from IT.  If you have a browser and internet access, you can be managing your content within hours.

IntelliCloud’s™ advanced privacy technologies, viewing flexibility and access controls, which are critical to compliance and ease-of-use, are unprecedented and apply to all vertical markets today.  IntelliCloud can be deployed with Office365 or SharePoint on-premise for a hybrid implementation.

TSI IntellivueTM and TSI IntelliCloudTM at Your Desktop


Over 50 Pre-built Application Templates Available.  The Intellivue/IntelliCloud – Intel story can be seen at


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