SharePoint Social Capabilities

Companies are more connected than ever in today’s digital landscape, and finding the best tools to communicate is challenging for IT managers. Should employees use LinkedIn or Facebook at work? What about chat systems such as Skype or Google Chat?

SharePoint offers social capabilities that remove some of these un-policed technologies. With secure message boards, commenting, and MySites at your fingertips in SharePoint, why have employees use other tools?

My Sites and Delve

MySites forms a “frequently visited” list of links to pages and documents that each individual often uses. In addition, a person can track other users, letting them know when that user adds or modifies content on the SharePoint site. MySites also enables users to search within the company for people who possess certain expertise or skills, connecting resources with their needs at the touch of a button.​

SharePoint as a social collaboration tool

Working in a central location with documents, tracking lists, and calendars (as a starting point) SharePoint offers a host of advantages for efficient organizations. Employees don’t have to hunt in other systems, and can find everything they need in one place. So why should communication be any different?

SharePoint is a tremendous social collaboration tool because it leverages this concept of centralization. You are already storing documents in SharePoint, so why use another tool to communicate? Using comments, message boards and notifications, SharePoint can connect the dots and streamline communications across your organization.

How Total Solutions can help:

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