Records Management for SharePoint, or the entire Enterprise!

Providing a plan for Information Governance can be overwhelming for most organizations.  While a document management system can help an organization store and manage the usage of electronic documents, these systems lack many capabilities necessary to mitigate the business risk associated with failure to meet mandated compliance scenarios.

Once determined, Total Solutions can assist with Records Management Solutions for just your SharePoint ECM environment, or your entire enterprise.

SharePoint Records Management

A new trend in records management provides an alternative to the traditional process of copying or moving records to another location, and then applying security and retention policies. You can manage records “in place which means that you can leave a document in its current location on a site, declare it as a record, and apply the appropriate security, retention and disposition properties to the record. You can still use the Records Center site template, but now you have the option of managing records in any site.  There are essentially three ways to manage records in SharePoint:

  • Manage records in an archive such as the Records Center.
  • Manage records in the same document repository (“in place”) as active (def: records in frequent use, regardless of their date of creation, required for current business relating to the administration or function of an organization) records.
  • Use a combination of the two methods above. For example, you could keep records in place with active documents for a specified period of time, and then move the records to an archive (Record Center).

Many Organizations find the SharePoint native Records Management tools difficult to implement and maintain.  Total Solutions can assist your organization with utilizing these tools that are already a part of your SharePoint implementation if desired, or provide alternative solutions mentioned below.

RecordLion – Software to manage all your information, records and physical files

RecordLion, Inc. founded and funded by industry veterans helps organizations govern their data and comply with federal, state, corporate or legal mandates concerning all their information.

We dreamed of a better way to handle information governance problems, starting primarily with Microsoft technologies and advancing into other platforms. We built our solution by talking with the customers that made us successful to give organizations worldwide better governance of their information, records and files.

We complete this dream with technology to apply policies to your information in place to help reduce costs, minimize risks and achieve compliance. Our technology can be delivered as a service, completely existing in the cloud, on-premise in your data center or a hybrid environment that includes on-premise, private and public clouds.

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CLASSIFICATION: RecordLion automatically classifies data using a unique Content Rules Engine on all your information including SharePoint content, documents on File Shares, Email messages, files on cloud storage and your structured line of business systems such as ERP and CRM.

LIFECYCLES: Our methodology allows you to add Information Lifecycles to your content to ensure the correct policies are applied to your information at the right time. Because RecordLion works on all you information, lifecycles can be shared across systems throughout the enterprise.

DISPOSITION: With the amount of information being created in organizations today, keeping it all forever is risky and unrealistic. RecordLion uses retention mandates at each phase of the information lifecycle to help you destroy unwanted and obsolete data.

PHYSICAL RECORDS: Even organizations with state of the art electronic records keeping, likely have years of information stored on paper and other physical media in any number of locations. Knowing where this information is and putting processes in place to manage it is just as important as your digital data.

FILE PLANS: Managing retention schedules should be painless, but with most systems you will need to link policies directly to content types or worse yet, you’ll need to recreate the policies for each information system in your enterprise. Reduce the cost of policy management by using File Plans in RecordLion Information Lifecycle.

AUDIT TRAILS and REPORTS: Are you a Records Manager needing reports to show the accuracy of the program you are responsible for? How about a compliance officer looking to see how well the organization is achieving your goals, or legal counsel looking for the status of information that should be on hold?  Your information program is only as good as its accuracy. RecordLion audit trail and reporting capability can quickly tell you the accuracy of your program by showing how much information is being classified, destroyed or transferred. Whatever your Records Management needs, Total Solutions has the answer.  Contact us today for more information or a demonstration of any of these solutions.

Collabware CLM for SharePoint

Collabware CLM is a comprehensive content lifecycle management product for Microsoft SharePoint. Collabware CLM:

  • Offers robust and advanced physical and electronic records management
  • Provides a superior user experience – records-manager-controlled, yet end-user transparent
  • Ensures high user adoption rates, which ensures organizational compliance
  • Has been officially accepted for United States Department of Defense 5015.02-STD compliance verification
  • Fills the records management gaps of SharePoint out-of-the-box
  • Requires no integration effort and can simply be added to SharePoint
  • Is an end-to-end solution that manages content upon creation (before it becomes a record) to disposition
  • Offers very low time to value

Collabware CLM Benefits

  • Ensure user adoption – from simple, seamless, transparent user experience
  • Optimize business processes and worker productivity – user does not need help from records manager; records manager does not need help from IT
  • Reduce storage, legal and e-discovery costs
  • Adhere to legislative and regulatory compliance 
  • Protect your reputation and mitigate risk  
  • Maximize your investment in Microsoft SharePoint

Collabware CLM is exclusively for the SharePoint environment.  If you are looking for a Complete Information Governance Solution to manage all your organizations content and data with one product, you may be interested in RecordLion.

Records Management causing headaches?

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