SharePoint in the Cloud

It is no secret that the cloud is rapidly changing the way in which organizations approach technology. Microsoft has strongly positioned itself in the cloud sector with the entire Office 365 platform. Customers no longer need to rely on desktop installed versions of MS Office, today they can access all programs online on any device with SharePoint in the cloud.

Reduce your IT burden SharePoint in the cloud

One of the biggest advantages to using SharePoint in the cloud is reducing your organization’s IT burden. On-premises SharePoint farms (2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013) require a significant amount of effort in terms of updating servers, installing security patches, and managing cross-browser compatibility issues for custom design. SharePoint Online is managed in the cloud, which means that Microsoft handles all updates and sever maintenance for you! This benefit is tangible and significant. If your organization utilizes out-of-the-box functionality without custom code, SharePoint Online quickly becomes very self-managed without the need for heavy IT oversight.   The end result is reduced cost burden and minimized risk for technology management.

SharePoint in the cloud helps for migration

Total Solutions Cloud Experience

Total Solutions is actively using SharePoint Online for its corporate Intranet, and our team has been incredibly impressed by its usability and feature set. We have experience implementing SharePoint Online for many organizations, and are happy to assist you. 

If you are looking to perform a SharePoint Migration in the near future, you can read some tips from our Senior Consulting team in this blog post

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a game changer for Microsoft and has created a paradigm shift in the industry. Where traditional on-premises installations of SharePoint offer a highly robust security package that you can control, the downside involves significant system maintenance costs. Enter SharePoint Online, where today you can be up and running with a new Intranet in less than a weeks’ time.

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