SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management

Just about every large and complex organization in today’s digital world struggles with content management in some form. Whether its endless duplication of important files (does v1, v1.1, v1.1_final look familiar?) or worse, fragmented naming conventions and inconsistent retrieval methods. The end result frustrated users and a desperate need for action!

SharePoint document management

SharePoint for Document and Enterprise Content Management

SharePoint can help with ECM in a big way. One core tenant during SharePoint’s inception was the next generation of document management. In addition to organizing your files, SharePoint has the ability to implement records and retention policies. This can help your organization be confident in meeting legal compliance requirements, and take your enterprise content management to the next level.

Storing, organizing, and finding:
Three keys to ECM

Most companies have more content than they know what to do with. Even with only a few employees creating documents FINDING those documents is nearly impossible. Using metadata strategies and governance policies, SharePoint can manage and simplify the organization of your content without variation between users. In addition, metadata can be linked to documents ensuring that they are easily found and surfaced for use. This functionality allows for the tracking and management of documents throughout their lifecycle.

Storing, organizing and finding

Need help with ECM?

If your organization is struggling with Document Management, contact Total Solutions today. Our team of experts can help you uncover the best ways to organize and manage your documents more effectively.
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