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SharePoint Customization

Enhance User Adoption with SharePoint Customization

Many clients invest in SharePoint only to find that their employees do not embrace the new system enough to produce the desired increases in efficiency. Here at Total Solutions, we strive to enhance end user adoption and overall functionality by providing SharePoint customization, branding, and navigation and introducing elements that improve business processes to provide a modern, human, social driven experience.

SharePoint Customization Complexity Pyramid

Let Your Work Flow

Using both SharePoint Designer and more powerful tools like Nintex, we are able to automate business proce​​sses to improve any organizations’ efficiency. Workflows streamline time-consuming processes by eliminating unnecessary steps. Our workflow wizards are experienced in designing workflows ranging from simple email notification or document approvals to vastly complex workflows that can integrate information across systems.


SharePoint customization enhances compnay branding online

Brand it Your Way

At Total Solutions, we recognize the need for branded SharePoint solutions that align with a company’s vision. We have experience with custom master page solutions that can transform SharePoint and leverage the out of the box functionality so that it conforms to corporate branding requirements. Branding that aligns with you corporate design promotes user adoption by ensuring that the users are familiar, and thus more comfortable, with the display of the site. Such user adoption is absolutely critical to SharePoint implementation.​