Business Intelligence

The evolution of the web has caused a major shift in organizational focus toward capturing data metrics and, more importantly, putting analysis and action behind the data. Microsoft has introduced a new component to SharePoint called Business Intelligence, which addresses this growing need. With BI capabilities now directly enabled within SharePoint you can bring data to life directly in your environment.

How SharePoint Business Intelligence works

The Business Intelligence capabilities of SharePoint are fairly open-ended, as you are provided a framework for normalizing your own data. If you have experience working with BI in excel, it works nearly the same in that you connect to your data sources to pull information into the program. This is an important point to emphasize – with BI you must already have data sources pre-configured.

Once the data has been integrated, BI tools in SharePoint can then be utilized to begin sharing throughout your company. There are built in modules such as the Report Center, Excel Services and KPI builders that can help you get started, but the customization is nearly endless. At the end of the day, having a strong data analysis model predicates successful BI implementation.

Business Intelligence lets people make better informed decisions

How Total Solutions can help

We have the in-house expertise to help your organization configure BI. Contact TSI sales today to explore further how we can help your organization bring data to life.