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Total Solutions offers many services in addition to or in correlation with our SharePoint projects. These different services allow our customers to take full advantage of ​everything we have to offer. ​One such service is SharePoint migration services which provides our customers with a full service transfer of their SharePoint environment from an older version of SharePoint to a newer version.

Another service we offer is SharePoint Administration services. Administration services gives your company access to our complete team of SharePoint experts with a work plan tailored directly to your company’s needs and priorities.

The SharePoint consulting service is most efficient as a supplemental service to help your company determine the best way for SharePoint to help you.

Total Solutions started out as a document processing company and so our services in that area are even more specialized. Our Document Processing services use software developed here at Total Solutions to move all of a company’s old files into SharePoint for easier document maintenance. All the services we offer will help your business not only with using SharePoint, but also with developing better business practices.

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