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Data can be a valuable tool in finding the right problems to solve. Data can empower everyone from SharePoint admins to communications departments and human resources leaders to make decisions that hold more weight than choices based off instincts. All three of these groups can benefit greatly from knowing how their organization collaborates within your SharePoint intranet.

365 Analytics can play a major role in helping your organization make sense of its intranet’s data and user challenges. Here are five ways that 365 Analytics can help your organization to embrace data on its digital transformation journey.

Most Popular Pages

An easy way to know where your intranet is most valuable is by knowing what your users access from it the most. 365 Analytics can track all the page views on your intranet, and your analytics platform of choice can show you the top ranked pages that your users are accessing.

Content Breakdown - Intranet Analytics
Figure 1 – Content Breakdown

Knowing the pages that are most popular with your users ensures that those pages are highest priority for your team to keep in top shape, in addition to identifying pages that your team can spend time improving.

If your HR team is struggling to communicate policy updates to your organization, analyzing popular pages can help identify potential new areas to broadcast those updates, adapting to how your team engages with your intranet.

Behavior Flow

Understanding how your users navigate across pages on your intranet can help you approach digital transformation in a way that reflects their behavior. Behavior Flow within Google Analytics visualizes the journeys that subsets of users that you select take within your intranet.

Behavior Flow
Figure 2 – Behavior Flow

These visuals can help you identify the information chains that different types of users interact with, informing approaches your team can take to reduce friction when navigating your intranet.

If users struggle to find the documentation that your IT team provides on its help site, using the Behavior Flow can help clarify where users get stuck when seeking answers, or common areas where users frequently need help.

365 Navigation Clicks

Navigation is a valuable tool to tell your users what information is important for them to know about, and to help users find what is important to them quickly. Using 365 Analytics with Google Analytics allows you to track how users interact with your 365 Navigation configurations.

Navigation Click Breakdown
Figure 3 – Navigation Click Breakdown

Tracking 365 Navigation data can bridge the gap between what your organization finds important and what is valuable to your users, maximizing your intranet adoption by ensuring that high value content is available quickly and easily.

Popular pages that are buried deep in your navigation may need to be brought to the forefront, while less popular headers can be rearranged or adjusted to reflect how users access content.

Search Activity

Users rely on search when they don’t know or can’t easily find the answers that they are looking for. 365 Analytics has the power to track what your intranet users are searching for and display that data within Google Analytics.

Search Activity
Figure 4 – Search Activity

Searches can happen for a lot of reasons, but popular searches may be an indication of valuable information that is not easily available on your intranet, and this data can help your team make this content more accessible to those who need it. Knowing common searches can expose blind spots in your organization’s exchange of information, informing changes to your navigation or other areas of your SharePoint intranet.

Active Site Collections

Teams across your organization may use SharePoint differently, and it can be just as important to optimize for power users as it is to improve adoption across those who are not. The Content Drilldown in Google Analytics breaks down your Microsoft 365 use by site collection, allowing you to rank and compare usage across teams and functions.

Site Collection Breakdown
Figure 5 – Site Collection Breakdown

Knowing the types of users who make the most use of SharePoint can help identify the users who may need the most support, as well as those who are leading digital transformation within your organization. This knowledge can inform your IT team’s strategy to drive adoption within the organization, building adoption approaches tailored to those who have the most to gain from it. Good data can be the difference between expensive mistakes and cost-saving opportunities. Strong analytics helps digital transformation leaders make decisions that embrace their users and their interactions with your SharePoint intranet.

365 Analytics empowers your team to make data-driven decisions that can make your SharePoint intranet even more useful to your organization. Our Intranet consulting team has created this tool and others in the Adoption 365 Toolkit for this purpose. Take the first step in making your SharePoint sites easier to maintain and more enjoyable for users by trying the 365 Adoption Toolkit free for 30 days.