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365 Adoption Toolkit Release Notes

365 Adoption Toolkit v2.00.0

Hello! We hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Here’s what you can find in this 365 Adoption Toolkit release:

What’s New
  • All of the previously independent products, including Compass, SP-Analytics, Universal Web Part, and the Global Styler have been bundled into a single installation process.
  • Each product is still licensed separately, but now there is only one, easy install for all products.
  • New pricing schema allowing you to pick only the products you need.

Supported Versions
  • On premise versions of SharePoint including 2013, 2016, & 2019 are supported.
  • Full support for SharePoint Online
  • Current version (minus one) of Firefox & Edge browsers supported.

  • New Left Navigation allows you to easily configure each product from a single page.
  • Single installation experience
  • Premium and Standard version now available for all products.
  • Expanded Feature set now available for every product.
  • Launch for New Global Styler product

Bug Fixes
  • UWP – User Experience Cleanup
  • UWP – Addition of Pre-Build Templates
  • Analytics – Code Editor bug repaired
  • Analytics – New Feature allowing for use of pre-existing Templates.