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Do you have a large audience with different data needs? Is this data also part of the same dataset? Using Row Level Security, distribute a single report that displays data relevant to the user.

In this video, Tyler takes a quick look at how and why to use it.

In this example, we are viewing a report of worldwide sales data based on a fictional office supplies retailer. Being a worldwide retailer, it has many users that need to be able to review sales data. However, there are many different data needs among the users. Some users are executives and need to see everything. Other users manage stores within a certain scope such as city or country and should not be able to view information outside of their area. No matter the user, they will access the same report, and view the same visuals, but their data will look different.

To build this dynamic report, we use a User’s table and the UserPrincipalName property inside of Power BI Desktop. After configuring a user’s level of scope in the table and setting up our roles on the desktop, we add users to their appropriate security roles in the Power BI Service. Now your users are ready to gain insights on their sales data!

Meet our Speaker

Featured Image – Tyler Parker

Tyler joined Total Solutions in 2021, where he is currently an Associate Power Platform Developer. In this role, he meets with clients to understand their needs and creates solutions within the Power Platform to streamline business processes. Watch Tyler’s tutorial of Row Level Security in Power BI!