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Mergers and acquisitions can bring many benefits, but also many challenges. Here are some tips to help us keep our post-merger intranet running smoothly and effectively. 

1. Align your Intranet strategy with your business goals 

When two or more organizations merge, they often have different intranet strategies, platforms, and content. To avoid confusion and duplication, we need to align our post-merger SharePoint intranet strategy with our new business goals and vision. This means defining the purpose, scope, and objectives of our intranet, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the intranet team and stakeholders. We also need to communicate our post-merger intranet strategy to our employees and get their feedback and buy-in. 

Aligning your Post-Merger SharePoint Intranet to your business goals
Figure 1 – Aligning your Post-Merger Intranet to your business goals

2. Intentionally Consolidate your SharePoint Intranet platforms and content 

Another challenge of a merger or acquisition is dealing with multiple intranet platforms and content. We may have to migrate, integrate, or retire some of your SharePoint intranet systems and applications, depending on their functionality, usability, and security. We do not want to just smash multiple intranets together, as this would result in an poor experience for our end users. This is also an opportunity to audit and consolidate our post-merger intranet content, removing any outdated, irrelevant, or redundant information. We should aim to create a single, unified, and consistent SharePoint intranet experience for your users while respecting the diversity and culture of each organization. 

3. Update your Post-Merger Intranet governance and policies 

A merger or acquisition can also affect our SharePoint intranet governance and policies. We may have to revise or create new guidelines and standards for your intranet design, content, and quality. We also need to ensure that our post-merger intranet complies with the legal and regulatory requirements of our new organization and industry. Additionally, we need to establish clear and transparent processes and workflows for how content is created, reviewed, and published to our SharePoint intranet so that we can get our new users involved! 

4. Engage and train your SharePoint Intranet users 

Intranets are for users, and we should consider after a merger or acquisition our new users. We will need to engage those new users, develop new user personas, and evaluate how our intranet could benefit our new users.  A merger or acquisition can be a confusing time, so leveraging our SharePoint intranet to communicate news, information, and updates about the process can help clear out that confusion. If we are a firm that often acquires new brands or organizations, consider having a dedicated communication site focused on welcoming our new colleagues, connecting them with peers in the organization, and informing them about their new organization. 

5. Celebrate and promote your Post-Merger Intranet successes 

Finally, we should celebrate and promote our intranet successes after a merger or acquisition. Our post-merger intranet can be a powerful tool to foster collaboration, communication, and culture among our employees, especially during times of change and uncertainty. We should display and reward our intranet achievements, such as improved productivity, efficiency, and engagement. We should also share our intranet best practices and lessons learned with our peers and industry experts and seek feedback from our user community so that we can continuously improve and innovate. Let’s work together to make our post-merger intranet a success story.

Lastly, if you are going through a merger and are unsure how best to integrate your Intranet – Reach out to Total Solutions as we are happy to help!