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Why Teams?

How Microsoft Teams Benefits Your Collaboration Experience

It is not always easy to keep up with the other members of your team. Managing cluttered inboxes, missed calls, and calendar invites can spark undue stresses for you and your team. Not to mention the classic question, “Do you know where I can find…”

The more places you use to interact with your colleagues, the higher the chance that someone falls out of the loop and misses an important message at the wrong time. Microsoft Teams helps solve these problems and many more as a one-stop shop to keep up with your organization’s day-to-day.

Here are ten reasons why your organization should be collaborating with Microsoft Teams. 

Adit Ahmed

Design Consultant, Total Solutions

Microsoft Teams Chat Functionality
Microsoft Teams Document Collaboration

Microsoft Teams wraps up all your communication needs into a single platform.

Ten reasons

Why Teams

is the best place for your organization to communicate and collaborate


SharePoint and Teams Make the Perfect Pair

SharePoint can be game changing for your organization’s collaboration in a lot of ways. If SharePoint is a backbone for your team working together, then Teams is a gateway to take that collaboration to the next level. Microsoft Teams benefits your SharePoint infrastructure to ensure that whatever happens in one place carries over to another with seamless integration.

If you create a document on SharePoint, then you can easily share it and open it up in Teams. If you need to find a page on your organization’s intranet, you can hop straight from Teams to SharePoint to make that search easier. There are few pairs better matched than SharePoint and Teams together, and taking advantage of that connection can help your organization soar.


True 365 Communication Across an Organization

Many of the tools we use to communicate at work have been optimized for one or two uses. Email is perfect to send files, while WebEx makes it easy to see someone’s face online. Use a company cell phone for a quick question, but if you can’t call everyone you need to talk to, then just post on the intranet. These systems make sense, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Microsoft Teams wraps up all your communication needs into a single platform. Teams gives you one place to keep in touch with your colleagues when you’re working remotely or in the office. Having one platform gives you one place to go and one set of rules to learn. No matter what, Microsoft Teams can serve as the strong glue that will keep your organization connected.


Robust Communication Features

Half the battle of saying the right thing is figuring out the right way to say it. Do you send an email that might get lost in a busy inbox? Are you sure it is okay to call on the phone? How can you work on one document together without relying on unclear comments or the red ink of tracking changes? Instead of juggling between two or three different platforms, Microsoft Teams benefits your organization’s collaboration hierarchy by placing what you need in one place.

Need to send a quick chat to your manager? Use Teams. Want to host a video call with your department? Use Teams. Want to show off your slide deck the way it was meant to be presented? You guessed it: Teams can do that. Bringing all these different functions under one roof gives your team one place to connect and collaborate with one another.


Integrated Security

Between calendar invites and pairing Bluetooth devices, the last thing you want to worry about is your data falling into the wrong hands. Microsoft Teams has a spectrum of security features that you can use to do everything from controlling who enters your meetings, to ensuring your data is protected to the standards of your industry. Microsoft designed Teams to overcome many different types of security disruptions by default, protecting your data and what you share with your co-workers.

Teams has over 90 different compliance offerings that align with government, industry, and national standards. There are compliance offerings that range from FINRA to ITAR, G-Cloud, and more. No matter what your organization’s needs are, Microsoft Teams can be configured to provide a secure experience for you and the valuable data your team interacts with every day.


Multiple Device Support 

Microsoft Teams is built for device freedom within your organization. Windows, Mac and Linux have desktop Teams apps that you can install directly onto your computer. If you don’t want to download another program, the web version of Teams is fully supported on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. The flexibility that comes with you using Teams gives your organization the freedom to use the platform in whatever way is best for you.

Teams has fully functioning apps for iOS and Android, but you don’t even need the app to make the most of Teams on your phone. Teams can create dial-in numbers for your meetings, giving you a way to take advantage of the platform without the app. Teams can even give you a call from a dial-in number during a meeting so that you can seamlessly transition from your computer to your phone when you’re on the go.


Microsoft 365 Integration

Over half of all businesses in the cloud used Microsoft 365 in 2018. Chances are, if you are connected to your co-workers with Microsoft 365, then most of your partners and clients are as well. SharePoint, Outlook, and Office 365 help to power organizations around the world, and Teams is a tool that can supercharge the way that your business uses Microsoft 365.

Every version of Microsoft Teams features web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, helping to link your team with the tools it relies on to succeed. Microsoft 365 customers get access to Teams alongside OneDrive, SharePoint, and all the other Microsoft 365 perks that your business relies on every day. Using Teams gives you one less burden to deal with outside of the Microsoft sphere that your business and thousands of others around the world rely on.


Integration with Other Programs

Every team has special tools in its box to take their work to the next level. There are thousands of apps that your team can take advantage of in Microsoft Teams, bridging the gap between your team’s tools and where true collaboration can happen.

Teams has hundreds of apps that you can weave into your organization or team. Microsoft has created apps for tools like OneNote, Planner, GitHub, and more that can make the most of Microsoft 365 at your organization. On top of Microsoft tools, third-party apps can help you incorporate Jira, SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, and countless other tools with Teams. You can even install custom applications onto Teams to fill in unique gaps and tools that your organization needs, something that Total Solutions can help you with.


Follow the Microsoft Vision Forward

One of the keys to a good team is having a great support system, and Microsoft Teams excels in how it can help your team succeed. Microsoft has a deep support system that can help address your challenges with Teams, alongside digital transformation partners like Total Solutions. Any challenge you face with the platform can get the attention it deserves from experts across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams is built as a companion to organizations and the tools that they already use to succeed. The future of the platform ties directly to all the other Microsoft 365 tools that organizations around the world take advantage of, ensuring that changes are useful to all parts of your collaboration ecosystem. As Microsoft Teams continues to evolve, you can rest assured that it will benefit your business and all the other Microsoft 365 tools that your organization depends on.


One Place to Host Any Meeting

Microsoft Teams may place all your organization’s communication needs under one roof, but its power can extend beyond your organization. Teams meetings can include anyone inside or outside your organization, making it easy for the clients and partners who don’t rely on Teams to take advantage of the benefits it provides to you.

You can host meetings with video for up to 250 people with Microsoft Teams, giving your organization a range of communication options in one place. Any meeting small or large can take place on Teams, and it even has the capability to host 10,000 participants in online events that you organization hosts. No matter what your needs are, Teams has the range to power all the different relationships that define your organization.


Administer Any Type of Team

When you start using Microsoft Teams, you’re joining the likes of over 75 million active users. Organizations like General Electric and L’Oréal have looked to Teams to connect the diverse and global teams that define them. Teams has empowered organizations across iSharendustries and around the world, and the platform has what it takes to adapt to the needs of your organization.

All of this can be done without burdening the IT team who helps your organization thrive. The platform is intuitive at all levels, allowing everyone from users to administrators to maximize its use. This low-barrier approach minimizes the technical barriers that can slow your team down and maximizes the collaboration power that comes with Microsoft Teams.

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If you do need support from experts, partners like Total Solutions can help ensure that Microsoft Teams is serving your organization in the most robust way possible. Learn more by talking to our experts to see how your organization can benefit by integrating Microsoft Teams into your current communication strategy .

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