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Microsoft Power Platform

Diving into the Power Platform

The Power Platform builds upon the Microsoft 365 collaboration experience and provides application capabilities that can drive your business processes, data management and automation. And best of all – you do not need any formal coding or development experience to implement Power Platform across your organization. Using the Power Platform lowers the barriers between your business and power technology that can help you grow. Pairing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint with the tools of the Power Platform opens countless opportunities for your business to work smarter and better. 

Power Apps

Power Apps makes it easier for your team to create applications that can elevate how it gets works done. Develop applications through the platform without code or advanced development. It has never been easier to build professional-guide tools for your business that can capture and process information across devices and team members.


Moving through approvals and processes that span departments and managers is easier said than done. Power Automate helps manage workflows across your organization, ensuring that the right people what action they need to take and when. It is easy to build automations that give your team a single source of truth and keep your organization moving.

Power BI

Technology allows your team to collect more data about how your business operates than ever before. Use Power BI to turn swaths of data into powerful analytics that can help you learn more about the work that you do. Easy integration with Microsoft 365 and AI-driven analytics can help your team dig in and act upon these powerful insights.

Full Integration

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a consolidated way to supercharge your business. Your activities synchronize across the Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Azure, and the countless connectors that you can incorporate within your environment. This synergy ensures that the Power Platform seamlessly engages all the technologies your business relies on.

Intelligent Integration

Organizations utilize the Power Platform


Fortune 500 companies use Power Platform

Supported Connectors & 3rd Party Tools

Empower your Data

Your business can move away from depending on one-size-fits-all applications to guiding the unique processes and data your business depends on. Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate can bridge the gap between applications that exist and the applications your business relies on.

Over 500,000 organizations across diverse industries take advantage of the Power Platform, including 86% of the Fortune 500. Between its full integration with your Microsoft environment, countless integrations with third-party tools, and the ability to build custom connectors unique to your business, the Power Platform can empower every side of your business.

Power Platform Report

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