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Microsoft Ignite 2022 featured the latest technology advancements while shifting the conversation from employee productivity to outdated technology. Shifting said paranoia puts the burden on technology to help consumers do more with less How can customers do more with less? Staying up to date with the latest Microsoft insights in their multicloud ecosystem. Picture that daily moment when technology doesn’t cooperate with your workflow, and the tactics you do to avoid this frustration. It’s our choice to conform to the universal bend-to-technology, or choose a better suited option. Microsoft’s latest technology applications gives your company freedom to create ideal workflows with the foundation to scale for future uncertainties or possibilities. If you missed the new updates at Microsoft Ignite 2022, here’s a snapshot from the Total Solutions team.

What’s next with Microsoft?

1. Microsoft Insights – Developer Tools

There’s an ongoing list of databases somewhere in every company, but are you on the hunt to find what you need? Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform empowers your company’s agility by improving productivity through AI automation. The dependable security platform governs data for you so humans can do what they do best: create, connect and innovate. Microsoft Ignite 2022 announced twelve new solution partners that both compliment and convenience users with multicloud offerings.

New partners in the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform ecosystem:

Operational Databases: MongoDB and Yugabyte 

Analytics: Informatica, Qlik, Confluent, Fivetran, Striim, dbtLabs

Data Governance: Profisee, CludIn, Delphix, OneTrust

Azura Databrick is also compatible with the new solution ecosystem that effortlessly engrafts to your digital foundation and future scalability.

The good news continued, harnessing the Microsoft do more with less slogan, with the addition of open-source Azure database, PostgreSQL. Usually open-source databases require users to secure and maintain their data, but it eliminates permission hassles you may find working in closed-source alternatives. The PostgreSQL and Microsoft partnership means there is a layer of protection via the cloud. All in all, migration to the PostgreSQL is trustworthy and infrastructure costs decrease while easing the developer experience.

Another developer tool differentiating itself from the competition at Microsoft Ignite 2022 was ready-to-code Visual Studio images for Microsoft Dev Box. Visual Studios provides cloud-based templates and now offers generation 2 VM images that provide more memory and strengthens security. Save time and effort when building upon shared templates without compromising the freedom to customize, or second guess compliance.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 Visual Studo images for Microsoft Dev Box
Figure 1 – Microsoft Dev Box

You may or may not feel the direct impact these developer applications bring, however, someone on your team will. When each department adopts technology that aids their workflow, more time can go to what matters — each other.

2. Microsoft Insights – AI technology

Content creators found their way to the forefront at Microsoft Ignite 2022 with the new DALL-E 2 AI platform with the Azure Open AI Service. With this application, graphics are generated with a simple search making it easier than ever to bring ideas to life with Microsoft Designer, Create and Clip Champ.  Let’s be honest — it can be difficult to create new and engaging content consistently, but these user-friendly tools, quality, and publishing make it easier than ever.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 Microsoft Designer
Figure 2 – Microsoft Designer

Low-code to no-code accelerates the automation process via Microsoft Power Automate, bridging the gap between common
language and complex code. Describe what you want to build while the AI does the hard labor. In addition, Power Automate allows developers to format data with visible examples, unquestionably eliminating wasted time and energy. On the other hand, Intelligent Data Document Processing and Microsoft Syntax makes it possible to extract data from free-form documents while organizing and storing company content through AI management.  

Anyone in need of a personal assistant? Intelligent recap is a new add-on available for Teams Premium and this AI assistant gives you access to insights, tasks and notes from meetings. And while you get your new virtual assistant up to speed, Microsoft Edge Workspaces lets users share a set of browser tabs so working groups can view the same websites and the latest working files in one place. When everyone is on the same page, everything is better.

Finally, Microsoft Places is Microsoft’s new connected workplace platform that will reimagine hybrid and in-person work. This platform delivers solutions that coordinate where work happens, modernize the office with intelligent technology, and optimize the workplace for changing needs.

3. Microsoft Insights – Security offerings

As we see the latest advancements with Microsoft, security measures are still secure to protect the company and the individuals that make a place and space. Cyber security is a huge focus in the tech industry and Defender for DevOps was built with security in mind for application and development code protection. Microsoft Entra Identity Governance manages identity and governance across the multicloud ecosystem while Power Platform Managed Environments enables scale over low-code implementations.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 Security Portfolio
Figure 3 – Security Portfolio

Microsoft Challenge

The Microsoft cloud skills challenge offers one free Microsoft Certification for those who complete a challenge by November 9th, 2022 at 4pm UTC. There are a select set of challenges for this promotion surrounding topics in automation, modern work and intelligent cloud.

What’s next for you?

The solutions available with Microsoft can seem like an endless shopping spree. Our advice is to identify the kinks in your day-to-day operation and list your priorities. Microsoft’s latest advancements in security, AI technology and developer tools hand the hard work over to technology. Do you need assistance capitalizing on the latest technology featured at Microsoft Ignite 2022? What about customizable app dev or onboarding infrastructure? Don’t stop here! Reach out here to get the full picture of how your company can benefit from Microsoft technology with Total Solutions today.