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Microsoft Information Protection & Compliance

Protect your data with Purview – a Microsoft information protection solution that helps your organization improve your data security and compliance. Advanced tools evaluate your cybersecurity posture and reduces risk exposure.

Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Information Protection - Purview

 Businesses possess more data than ever, and it is often incredibly valuable! Unsanctioned use, access, or exposure of personal or business data can cause catastrophic losses for companies and individuals. Learn how Microsoft 365 provides solutions for defense-in-depth, zero trust, governance, security, and compliance, and how these solutions play crucial roles in protecting your organization’s data.

Sensitivity Labels

Data Loss Prevention

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Compliance Center

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Identify and Classify Data 

With Microsoft Purview, detect sensitive data types, classify those data types, and layer on policies to protect sensitive data.

Consulting & Design

Understand what kinds of sensitive data you have. Figure out a schema to categorize it. Create guidelines for humans to figure out which things should end up in which categories. 

Sensitivity Labeling

Implement your data classification schema technically. Get people tagging at an item level as a baseline for zero trust information architecture. 

Unique Data Sets

Build custom sensitive information types for uniquely sensitivie data sets that can be identified by keyword algorithms. 

Protect Sensitive Information & Prevent Data Loss with Microsoft

With data classified, you can apply policies to protect your sensitive data, deploy data loss prevention to monitor and act on unusual activity, and take nuanced action based on user risk profiles.

Mark & Encrypt Sensitive Data

Use information protection features to put markings on sensitive data. Encrypt data to prevent oversharing. 

Customize a DLP Policy for Sensitive Info

Create a DLP policy that watches for “risky” movement of sensitive data and take action. 

  • Provide tips to end users to coach them on proper sharing
  • Block sharing but allow users to override with justification 
  • Block sharing 
Implement Insider Risk Management

Detect, investigate, and act on critical organization risks. Leverage AI tools to offer dynamic DLP actions. Differentiate between end-user risk profiles based on real-time exfiltration activities. Take dynamic DLP actions that depend on risk profiling. 


Data security incidents experienced by the average organization in the past year - with 20% being severe.


of organizations have had business data exposed in the past year.


of organizations are planning on increasing security investments specifically.

Source: Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

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Manage Data and Govern Compliance

Are you handling your sensitive data properly? Use a compliance manager to assess which regulations you need to comply with and what requirements are associated with that data classification.

Compliance Manager

Measure and track progress to completing actions to reduce risk and comply with regulatory standards. 

Data Retention & Deletion

Classify and govern data in the enterprise at scale, to meet various internal and external data protection obligations.  Keep or purge data according to regulatory or business requirements.

Audits, Alerts & Cases

Respond to security events, support forensic investigations, conduct internal investigations, and adhere to regulatory requirements, using end-to-end workflows to manage and discover data in-place.

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