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Microsoft Copilot is an innovative AI-powered tool that will help you get your work done faster, easier, and more efficiently. Copilot can assist you with daily activities such as writing better emails and capturing meeting notes. It also aids in creating presentations, documents, and custom content, thereby increasing your productivity. Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI powers Copilot, using a Large Language Model to understand natural language and deliver exceptional outputs. Microsoft Copilot also marks the beginning of a broader shift in employee experience that utilizes AI to get more done.

Microsoft Copilot Chat
Figure 1 – Microsoft Copilot Chat

Copilot Release Date and Licensing

Copilot is currently in preview mode for a limited number of organizations. Fear not, it will soon be available for enterprise customers starting on November 1st, 2023. The Copilot pricing for customers will be $30 per user per month. This is an additional price to your existing Microsoft 365 plan. This price point represents an appealing opportunity, but could significantly increase your Microsoft licensing costs. For reference, a Microsoft 365 E3 plan list price is $36 per user per month. An E5 plan costs $57 per user per month. However, Microsoft users have a unique opportunity to increase the value of their licenses. Accomplish more with the help of Copilot to get more from your Microsoft licenses.

Copilot Overview

Copilot is not only a tool to get more done, but it is also a tool for business leaders who want to leverage the power of AI to transform their organizations. As Mark Cuban, a renowned technology leader and investor said: “AI, when it’s mixed with human skills, is the greatest advancement in the history of mankind”. Copilot can help you transform your business. Create innovative solutions, improve processes and optimize workflows, automate tasks, and help improve the overall employee and customer experience.  

Start leveraging Copilot upon release within your organization:

  • Bing Chat Enterprise: Bing Chat is an extension of Microsoft Bing that can help you gather information, and generate creative content such as LinkedIn posts, create images, and much more. It also can be a useful tool to conduct market research such as creating a SWOT analysis for a specific product or offer.   
  • Productivity Applications: Microsoft 365 provides your organization a suite of applications that with Copilot, can help you work more efficiently and intelligently. Use tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and Outlook to create documents, and presentations, write emails, and more with the help of Copilot. For those looking for help with design, Copilot can help you create content, style, and format information to be more engaging and appealing.  
Microsoft 365 Applications
Figure 2 – Microsoft 365 Applications


Microsoft Copilot is an industry-changing tool that can help move your organization into a new age of AI and human collaboration. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the AI revolution with Microsoft Copilot. To learn more about Copilot and how your organization can use it check out Microsoft’s information linked here https://copilot.microsoft.com/.  

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