The 2019 Law & Technology Roundtable

Thank you for showing an interest in the Law & Technology Roundtable. Unfortunately, we have to cancel this interation, but we are looking to reschedule.

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Microsoft Tech Center
1 Campus Martius
Suite 500, Detroit, Michigan
11:00AM – 1:00PM EST

About the Roundtable

Forward-thinking attorneys are using creative ways to make their practices more efficient, more secure, and more valuable. Is your law firm meeting modern client expectations? Are you complying with changing ethical obligations related to new technology? Are you wasting time and money managing your practice inefficiently when you could be serving your clients?

At the 2019 Law & Technology Roundtable you will learn how to navigate current issues in cyber security and how to use simple tools to create a modern and efficient law firm. Most importantly, you will learn how to make technology decisions systematically, enabling you to design solutions that create a better experience for your clients.

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Brought to you by:

Total Solutions, Incorporated
North Coast Legal, PLC

Sponsored by:

Michigan Bar Association
Law Practice Management Section
Young Basile, PLC

Cyber Security

  • Learn which cyber security risks you should be concerned about in 2019
  • Learn how cyber security risks can impact your compliance with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Learn how to create a secure law firm without burdening your clients

More Efficient and More Effective

  • Learn the one form of communication that may determine whether a client will work with your firm
  • Learn how to use your existing tools to provide better service to your clients
  • Learn how effective collaboration can increase profits at your firm without bringing on new clients

      Block Chain and AI

      • Learn a basic introduction to Block Chain
      • Learn why Block Chain might impact fundamental aspects of your practice
      • Learn how AI is helping law firms tackle e-discovery and due diligence
      • Learn how AI can help you prevent email phishing attacks

      Focused on the Client

      • Learn how to focus your technology on improving the experience of your clients 
      • Learn how to creatively design custom solutions for the specific needs of your clients
      • Learn how to use simple tools to actively collaborate with your clients
      • Learn how to make it easier for you and your clients to exchange confidential information

      Find the Right Solution Quickly

      • Learn the one thing that might prevent you from wasting time and money on an expensive vendor solution
      • Learn why a law degree might be your super power when it comes to building a creative Minimum Viable Solution 
      • Learn how to make sure your investment in technology solves real problems and aligns with the most important priorities of your firm

      Featured Speakers

      Michael Naughton

      Co-Owner, North Coast Legal, PLC

      Michael is a partner at North Coast Legal, PLC. He currently serves as the president of the GTLA Bar Association and treasurer of the Grand Traverse County Economic Development Corporation. He is one of the founders and a board member of 20 Fathoms, a tech startup incubator in Traverse City. He is also a founder and officer of TCNewTech, a Traverse City-based technology business community group with over 1,500 members. Michael is one of the leading legal authorities on digital privacy, corporate privacy compliance and securing electronic communications. Michael is a regular speaker and consultant for attorneys, corporations and individuals on information security

      Matthew Fleszar

      CEO, Total Solutions, Incorporated

      Matthew is CEO of Total Solutions, Incorporated, a Michigan software development and technology consulting company. He is responsible for creating the first uniform system of technology decision making, which utilizes an iterative development model to help businesses quickly design and implement effective solutions. He is also a founding partner of Entrepreneur Advocate PLC, a virtual law firm and legal education company. Matthew received a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in Political Science and Constitutional Democracy, and graduated from the University of Michigan Law School. His background in law, technology, and business give him a unique ability to help the legal community become more creative, forward thinking, and experimental. 

      Brendan Bouffard

      Founding Partner, Entrepreneur Advocate PLC
      Director of Marketing, Total Solutions, Incorporated

      Brendan is a founding partner at Entrepreneur Advocate PLC, a virtual law firm and legal education company which designs innovative legal strategies for global ecommerce companies and teaches entrepreneurs how to implement them as efficiently and affordably as possible. He also serves as Director of Marketing and Sales Development at Total Solutions, Incorporated. Brendan is passionate about increasing technology adoption in the legal community and he specializes in helping law firms find creative solutions to work more efficiently and provide better service to modern clients. Before creating Entrepreneur Advocate, Brendan worked as a research attorney at the Michigan Court of Appeals and graduated magna cum laude from Chicago-Kent College of Law. 

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      Thank you for showing an interest in the Law & Technology Roundtable! Unfortunately, the event has been cancelled, and we are looking for a time to reschedule it! 

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