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SharePoint Training

At their core, Total Solutions consultants are SharePoint experts. Because of this, we are happy to extend our expertise to your organization through SharePoint training and educational service offerings. We understand the critical nature of SharePoint, and it is our preference that clients are knowledgeable and comfortable using the software.

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On-site Technical Training

The simplest way to accomplish SharePoint training is having a technical expert come on-site to your facilities. One of our senior consultants can work hand-in-hand with your technology team to help them understand how to manage, build and maintain SharePoint. On-site training packages range between half-day and multi-day sessions to cover desired material.

SharePoint Training Workshops

If you are a larger organization, chances are you will have dozens if not hundreds of employees using SharePoint. Strong end user training is key to maximizing your investment. Total Solutions can customize presentations and content based on the specific features of SharePoint you are using, and offer tiered workshops for both basic and power users.

Talk to a Sales Representative

The first step towards getting your training underway is speaking to one of our sales professionals.   Help us understand exactly what you need, and we can put together a custom training quote and package that will meet your needs.

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