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Does your business or organization have rich data that helps drive daily decisions or activities? Is there a desire to automate these tasks for quick outcomes that save time and effort? If so, Data Activator could be a powerful tool for your business.  

In Microsoft Fabric, Data Activator provides a no-code experience that automatically triggers actions when it detects patterns or conditions in changing data. It monitors your data to detect when it hits certain thresholds or matches other patterns. It then automatically takes appropriate action such as alerting users or kicking off Power Automate workflows. Business users can describe business conditions in a no-code experience to launch actions. These actions include Emails, Teams notifications, Power Automate flows, and call into third-party action systems. Data Activator’s no-code experience allows business users to self-serve their needs. In addition, users can reduce their reliance on internal IT and/or developer teams.  

Data Activator No code Tiggers
Figure 1 – Data Activator No code Triggers

Some example scenarios are: 

  • Automatically send an order to restock low inventory: Data Activator can monitor inventory data to track when stock drops below a designated threshold and automatically order more. 
  • Send a promotional email to customers who have reduced their spending habits over a period with your store. Data Activator in Fabric can act on trends as well as static values. 
  • Send an alert or automatically turn off equipment that is running too hot. 

Data Activator drives actions through a 3-step process; Connect to your data, detect actionable conditions, and trigger actions. This simple process enables near real-time data actions, eliminating the need for manual monitoring of a report to check for specific conditions. As a part of the Fabric ecosystem, Data Activator can utilize existing Power BI reports, which can get you started even faster. 

Data Activator is currently in preview mode with more functions releasing this Spring.