Total Solutions recently presented at the TECHKnowledgey conference on September 17th in Livonia, Michigan.   This recent tech expo focused on breakout sessions centered around the latest tools, products and strategies modern IT departments are using today.
Total Solutions is happy to provide a free copy of our expert presentations, which you can download today!

Presentation 1: Demystifying the hybrid SharePoint architecture.

Demystifying the hybrid SharePoint architecture.  A detailed explanation of what exactly hybrid deployments are; including the services that they do and do not provide.  Learn what SharePoint hybrid can do for your organization and what the critical decision points are to meet your business needs.  Understand how hybrid deployments can the dual benefits of cloud accessibility and on-premise content security.
Presented by Daniel Charlton, Senior Consultant, Total Solutions Inc.
Download the presentation here

Presentation 2:  SharePoint Governance Best Practices

According to a 2015 AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) report, 26% of respondents say their SharePoint project has stalled, and 37% have struggled to meet their original expectations.  In terms of user adoption, 23% have reached an adoption plateau, or are facing user adoption issues (15%).
A failure of senior management to endorse and enforce SharePoint was the biggest reason for lack of success, followed by inadequate user training and a general lack of planning. User resistance and a lack of investment and expertise are also quoted.
All of these failures can and should be addressed through Governance.  In this session, learn about how proper SharePoint Governance drives user adoption, what your SharePoint Governance team should look like and how it should work, and come away with valuable resources, tips, and tricks to jump start or restart your organization’s SharePoint journey.
Presented by BJ Walraven, Senior Consultant, Total Solutions Inc.
Download the presentation here