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No one wants to tackle challenging problems alone. Digital transformation leaders have so many hurdles to jump over every day, and good teammates can be a valuable tool to help those leaders to succeed in keeping their organizations happy. Microsoft’s Claiming Partner of Record program empowers its cloud subscribers to seek services providers who can help them deal with difficult challenges.

If your organization relies on Microsoft 365, then it is worth connecting with a Claiming Partner of Record to ensure that your team is making the most of the different workloads that it offers. Microsoft’s Claiming Partner of Record partner program streamlines the relationship between Microsoft services providers and subscribers, ensuring that digital leaders have the expert support that they need.

What is Claiming Partner of Record?

Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR) is a classification that Microsoft cloud subscribers can assign to service providers. The program is the successor of the Digital Partner of Record program, which Microsoft discontinued in October 2019 when it introduced the CPOR.

Subscribers can assign partners to help manage their Microsoft 365 workloads, all of which have their own quirks and nuances. It is possible to delegate individual workloads to different service providers, allowing you to work with multiple experts across different parts of your tenants. The ability to assign different partners who deeply understand your environment to specific workloads reduces access roadblocks for all the partners who support your tenant.

Service providers can provide any level of support that their partners need, spanning the breadth of what Microsoft 365 has to offer your business. There are twelve different workloads across ten platforms that cloud subscribers can assign to a CPOR to manage and assist.

Digital Partner of Record Stages
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft 365 Apps (formerly O365 ProPlus)
  • Teams
    • Meetings
    • Phone System
    • Apps/Platform
  • Intune
  • Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP)
  • Microsoft Defender ATP (MDATP)
  • Microsoft Cloud App Service (MCAS)
  • Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
  • Azure Advanced Threat (AATP)

Working with a Claiming Partner of Record can give your organization access to experts who specialize in these Microsoft 365 workloads. Assigning a Claiming Partner of Record to your workloads provides your partner access to data that can help optimize your cloud usage, promote usage across your organization, and identify other opportunities to help your business excel in the cloud.

Why Work with a Claiming Partner of Record?

Claiming Partners of Record like Total Solutions work with Microsoft 365 workloads every day, and their expertise across different cloud subscribers can help optimize how your organization uses the tools in your workloads. Service providers can earn milestones based on your organization’s cloud usage, motivating your partners to put their best foot forward, while making it easy for you to judge the success of current and potential partners.

Subscribers can assign Delegated Admin Privileges to a Claiming Partner of Record, allowing service providers to directly manage their subscriber’s cloud tenant. This provides admins with support in managing their users and the Microsoft 365 tools they use from expert service providers like Total Solutions.

Delegated Admin Access
Figure 1 – Delegated Admin Access

Pairing your tenant with a Claiming Partner of Record like Total Solutions can improve the quality of support your tenant receives. Designating your IT support partner as a CPOR can make it easier for your contracted partner to assess your roadblocks and support needs quicker. It does not open universal access to your tenant, and you may need to provide access to specific areas outside of your partner’s delegated workloads. Howver, adding a Claiming Partner of Record reduces some of the barriers your partners might face when working within your environment, and these optimizations can save you valuable time when seeking support from experts.

Adding a Claiming Partner of Record

The partner you choose to assign a given workload will be able to lead you through the process of becoming a Claiming Partner of Record. Microsoft service providers can request to create an association with your organization and its workloads through the Microsoft Partner Network. These requests are validated by Microsoft and must be approved by the customer before they are active.

Partner of Record Message
Figure 2 – Request to Create Association

Total Solutions has worked with Microsoft 365 workloads for over 25 years. The team of consultants at Total Solutions works across Microsoft 365 every day, serving as a Claiming Partner of Record for clients across the workloads we are experts in.

Your organization can add Total Solutions as your Claiming Partner of Record as part of an engagement through our self-service support portal, ServiceHub. Our support capabilities allow your organization to work directly with our consultants when you face a problem. Adding Total Solutions as a Claiming Partner of Record gives our experts access to your environment, giving us deep access to your environment, and allowing us to find deeper issues that our team can escalate if needed.

If you are interested in partnering with Total Solutions as your CPOR, then contact us to learn how to begin the process of building a relationship with a trusted Microsoft Partner!