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Driving Digital Adoption at Your Organization

What We Do Best

Harnessing cloud technology to move your organization forward can be a daunting task. Building the right tools is tough enough, but it is just as important to see your users adapt and embrace the new cloud reality that is dominating IT strategy. Total Solutions has years of experience on both sides of the digital adoption equation – working with IT departments to build the right solutions and driving digital engagement with end users. Our consultants focus on understanding what drives the users we build for and creating digital solutions that align with those motivations.

Build With, Not For Users

Successful adoption drives every step of our consulting process. Instead of treating adoption like a formality, our approach fixates on it. Embracing design thinking forces us to put users above all else, putting their motivations behind using technology and embracing change at the forefront of what we choose to build and how.

Find What You Need, Fast

Users want technology that makes it easier to find and process the information they are looking for. Our 365 Navigation tool makes it easy for users to access the tools that makes their work easier. Solid navigation makes it easy to embrace new digital tools that will improve their work and access to knowledge.

Tech to Be Proud Of

Attractive technology makes it easy for users to be proud of the digital solutions that they rely on. This pride encourages your team invest deeply in digital solutions that move your organization forward. Total Solutions uses the Web Part Builder and Styler to build high-quality user interfaces that draw your team in.

Putting Adoption in Context

It is hard to evaluate the success of pushing digital adoption without numbers. 365 Analytics captures the data necessary to fully understand your organization’s adoption journey. This data empowers your team to make informed decisions to improve the experience of your users and support them where needed.


Embracing Agility to Drive Digital Adoption

Digital Adoption can take many forms….

Often, it is the accumulation of many small steps that push users in the right direction. Our agile delivery framework embraces this principle. Agile allows us to quickly adapt to lessons and challenges our team learns when building digital solutions. This encourages our adoption approach to adjust with the technology our team creates.

Agile Breakdown

Is your organization experiencing a Digital Transformation?

Speak with an expert at Total Solutions to learn more about how our approach can take your cloud adoption to the next level.