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Custom Application Development

Custom web apps give you control over business processes, allowing you to optimize operations, tailor solutions, automate tasks, and integrate systems for a competitive edge. You can own your IP, scale to demand, and stay flexible in a multi-cloud environment.

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Application Modernization

Modernizing legacy applications  with custom application development can improve performance, scalability, and security while enabling the use of the latest technologies. Some reasons for modernization include updating core business processes, transitioning to the cloud, and reaching users across the globe. With modernization, you can implement AI, integrate new cloud-scale features, and reduce physical resource usage.

Why Modernize?

Update core business processes by implementing more reliable and repeatable applications, replacing outdated and unsupported legacy technologies, and improving performance. By working on different platforms, such as mobile devices and the cloud, you are able to better reach users across the globe.


Custom application development improves performance, scalability, and security and are key reasons for modernizing legacy applications. By updating to the latest technologies, businesses can enhance the speed and efficiency of their applications, handle increased user demand, and implement stronger security measures to protect your data.

Azure Hosted Applications

Azure hosted applications provide a range of benefits for customers, including enterprise-grade security, integration with Microsoft 365 data through the Graph, and the ability to scale and perform reliably on a global infrastructure. By hosting their applications with Azure, customers can reduce costs, improve performance, and take advantage of the latest technologies such as AI and cloud-scale features.

Enterprise-grade Security

Azure hosted custom web apps utilize enterprise-grade security features such as Microsoft Entra ID, Azure Key Vault, and Managed Identities to provide authentication and authorization protection for your applications. This ensures that your users’ data stays safe and secure.

Integration with Microsoft 365

Gain access to data stored in Microsoft 365, such as SharePoint, Outlook, Users, Search, Calendars, and Teams data, by integrating with the Graph. Custom application development allows for seamless integration and collaboration within your organization.

Cost-effectiveness and Scalability

Eliminate the need for physical servers in an on-premises data center, reducing hardware, maintenance, security, power, facility insurance, and support costs for an organization. Additionally, scale from as few as one instance of your application to as many as needed to improve performance with high traffic or processing demands in real-time, without the need to spin up your physical servers.

Azure Storage

Azure provides a versatile way to manage data with multiple storage options, including Azure Storage, which is a reliable and secure solution for storing large amounts of data in various forms, offering flexibility and scalability of cloud storage while optimizing data management and performance.

Azure SQL

Azure SQL is a cloud-based version of Microsoft SQL that stores relational data structures and offers several implementation options, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the solution that best fits their needs while taking advantage of the scalability, reliability, and security of the cloud.

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Azure OpenAI Services

Azure OpenAI is a collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI to provide advanced AI models and supercomputing resources on the Azure cloud platform. This partnership aims to accelerate the integration of AI technologies and custom application development, enabling businesses to harness the power of AI to drive innovation and growth.

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Custom Copilot

With Copilot, you can connect your data with the tools and apps you use every day. Copilot plugins let you customize Copilot to fit your needs and preferences. They also make it easy to integrate Copilot with your existing workflows and data sources. This way, a Custom Copilot can provide you with insights that are specific to your organization and goals. 

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"Plugins are tools that augment the capabilities of AI systems, enabling them to interact with APIs from other software and services to retrieve real-time information, incorporate company and other business data, and perform new types of computations."

Rajesh Jha, Executive Vice President, Experiences & Devices

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