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Azure Summit Presentations:

Azure Stack & High-End Graphical Loads on Integrated Systems

Total Solutions hosted the Azure Summit at Detroit’s Microsoft Technology Center on June 27th, which featured speakers from Microsoft and Coretek Services. Although this is only the second time that Total Solutions hosted this specific event, it assisted in creating a deeper following around Microsoft’s latest Azure developments and industry applications. The beginning of the event saw Nick Freling of Total Solutions providing insight into the Azure road map and the statistics surrounding the development of the Azure market. For example, according to the Microsoft Channel Partners Conference in 2017, 85% of Fortune 500 companies utilize Microsoft Cloud.
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the half-day event, and especially the speakers and companies that co-hosted the event. Both New Horizons and Coretek informed the local community and their followings about the event. If you were unable to attend, or you were interested in reviewing the presentations on Azure Stack and High-End Graphical Loads on Integrated Systems, please review below.
Download the slide deck here:
Azure Stack
Presentation by: Dave Sawyer, Microsoft
High-End Graphical Loads on Integrated Systems
Presentation by: Chris Shalda, Coretek Services

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