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Agile Development 

Digital transformation is an art, not a science…

Total Solutions knows that it is important to be realistic about uncertainty. The organizations we work with are fluid and constantly changing, so our development process should reflect that fact. Total Solutions believes that digital transformation takes time, and is best done in iterative, continuous intervals that make it easy to change or address challenges along the way. This is why our team has adopted agile development as our preferred development process.

Our Approach:

Agile Development

Agile Development Stages

The Agile methodology acknowledges that teams having a process to manage inevitable uncertainty can be more beneficial than planning too far in advance. Design and delivery are iterative processes, with teams self-organizing to define and address high priority requirements over consistent time cadences, called sprints. 

Total Solutions embraces agile development because we know that our priorities change as uncertainty comes into view. Planning and delivering in consistent increments provides our teams with the space to address unknowns head on. Success becomes the result of multiple iterations that build on themselves, ensuring that challenges can be tackled quickly without hurting the entire system. 

Agile Development Misconceptions:

Learning about a process such as Agile can often encompass defining what the term is and clearly distinguishing what it is not. As you’ll see in the video, we address common misconceptions when it comes to Agile Development.

What is the Waterfall Methodology?

Waterfall plays off the misconception that planning inherently minimizes uncertainty. Design, development, testing, and deployment are pre-defined steps that waterfall aims to plan and fully account for prior to the launch of a project.

This approach may feel safe and certain, but it leaves little room for the inevitable uncertainties and unknowns that come with digital transformation. By prioritizing the front-to-back plan over reflection and adjustment throughout the project, waterfall can lead to solutions that fail to address new discoveries and struggle to stick to budget as new unknowns become clear over the project’s lifespan.


We all know the range of complicated decisions and changing expectations that can impact your new technology and its impact on your business. Inflexible plans, budget overruns, and unseen technical hurdles can transform a well-crafted plan into a project’s biggest liability. Total Solutions embraces Agile development to ensure that our teams and clients can manage uncertainty in a productive way, building stronger technology solutions along the way.

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