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Total Solutions Stories System is a design, development, and feedback cycle that emphasizes participatory design, a cadence of iterative activity, and frequent engagement with key technology users. 

Strategic Design Thinking

Strategic Design

We collaborate closely with people and teams to understand who they are and what drives success for them. Using a variety of design tactics, Total Solutions empowers your organization by guiding stakeholders to design systems that work for them. 

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Technical Assessment

Our technical teams know the risks associated with investing in the digital transformation of your business and want to make sure you do as well. During a Total Solutions technical assessment, we consult you on your current system state, potential technologies for future optimizations, and options given budget and/or time constraints. 

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Open Prototype Graphic

Open Prototype

When creating new technologies and systems to support your organization, it’s difficult to plan abstract systems. We create visual representations, process and architecture documentation, or prototype applications to better inform before making large technology investments. This allows us to fail fast and increase your ROI. 

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Refined Backlog

Throughout an agile project with Total Solutions, we work with your team to define, capture and prioritize requests and ideas. This ensures we’re always focusing on critical features or functionality that offer you the most value. 

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Iterative Development

Iterative Development

We use proven agile methods to develop and deliver quality technology solutions. These methods enable us to provide you with the highest value software, reduce development risk, and continuously apply new knowledge. 

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Expert Guide

Through documentation and technical guidance, our consultants will help you support your solutions to drive user adoption and enable growth. 

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Total Solutions seeks to build lasting relationships with our clients and be there when you need us. Whether you need help on an urgent issue or want on-going assistance in planning for the future, we have many options to fit your needs. 

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