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365 Web Part Builder

Webparts are one of the most powerful yet frustrating components of SharePoint. Building them can require a large investment in time and effort as new versions of SharePoint are released. 

Total Solutions Web Part Builder (WPB) addresses this labor by creating a framework that allows companies to optimize these powerful tools. 

Start with pre-built web parts

Our basic version of WPB provides a set of pre-built, no code web parts that you can use to provide convenient adoption driving web parts such as aggregated announcements, page level navigators, and high visual calendars.  

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ImageGrid web part

Customize further with code

For every pre-built web part, we provide optional, easy to use, CSS, HTML and JavaScript code editing experiences allowing you to style, format, modify, and extend these web parts. 

Our web part building experience allows you to use our templates as starting points, or start with a blank slate and build your own unique, specific O365 web parts.  

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