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365 Navigation

Navigating Office 365 intranets can be complicated and time consuming. Luckily, Microsoft has left it open to create rich navigation schemas for communities who want more. 

365 Navigation enhances this opportunity by creating a feature rich experience designed to provide the SharePoint community with a robust and customized navigation experience.    

Dive deep and build meaningful structures

365 Navigation allows communications managers to create globally applicable navigation elements, allowing for commonly used information to be surfaced in a consistent, efficient fashion. 

Using our advanced features, departmental navigation can be layered right alongside corporate navigation, allowing site collection owners to create deeper navigation structures that more closely align with their knowledge of the meaningful information that lives in their intranet realm.  

Megamenu Example

Team Navigation

User Flow Navigation

Individual users can create and add in their own unique navigation structures

Collaborate on those structures with your team

Enable deep level efficient information organization and communication

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