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365 Modernization Toolkit

The 365 Modernization Toolkit gives you a full suite of solutions that make SharePoint sites easier to maintain and more enjoyable to use. Get more out of your investment in Office 365 starting today.



Help your users find what they are looking for, fast. Use 365 Navigation to build an intuitive SharePoint navigation experience with features not available out-of-the-box. Create mega menus and multi-layer drop downs with custom branding. Design and maintain your navigation across your entire SharePoint system in one place. Or put the power of 365 Navigation into the hands of your users and let them create an entirely custom navigation experience for themselves or their teams.


Web Part Builder

Create custom SharePoint webparts with only a fraction of the time and hassle. Web Part Builder allows you to quickly create webparts that dynamically surface the information and resources your users need. Deploy your webparts across SharePoint sites with ease, and guarantee that they won’t break with the next update from Microsoft.



Learn more about your users with real, measurable data. SharePoint Analytics allows you to harness the power of 3rd party analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Matomo within SharePoint. Find out which SharePoint sites are getting the most traffic on your intranet. Discover how your users are finding critical resources. And get the most out of your time and money by focusing improvements where users actually need them in your SharePoint site.


Global Styler

Boost adoption of your SharePoint intranet by creating pages with a look and feel that your users actually enjoy. No more outdated styles and generic one-size-fits-all templates. With Global Styler, you can create beautiful SharePoint sites with custom branding, seamless UX, and functionality that fits your organization’s specific needs. And, you never have to worry about your custom SharePoint experience breaking the next time Microsoft pushes an update.

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