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Building your Office 365 intranet is a substantial investment; however, building is just the beginning. To get the most out of your investment and ensure positive adoption, you must first measure and unlock information about how your tool is being used.

Total Solutions 365 Analytics illuminates valuable insights and powerful information about how your users interact by utilizing SaaS based analytics platforms such as Google, Matomo, and Clicky. 

Configure with your Google Analytics account

365 Analytics allows you to connect your existing Google Analytics Account and easily expose SharePoint usage. The robust reports provide site administrators insight into how their users are behaving, allowing for popular pages, user journeys, and other important characteristics to be identified.

Uncovering such information about how your users behave with your intranet can yield more data driven decisions and potential design optimizations.

Understand SharePoint at a page level

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IT professionals can dive deep and track activity at a page/site level. This enables your team to visualize where your users originate from, how long they spend on pages, and your intranet’s overall performance.

Our premium feature allows you to use Matomo or Clicky for highly personalized and secure analytics and ultimately quantify your intranet effectiveness.

365 Analytics Options

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